Alice: Madness Returns Game Review

Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to the 2000 Windows and Mac video game American McGee’s Alice which got released today which is June 14th 2011. The Alice: Madness Returns is available for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. McGee designed the original game and they are back in action after EA partnered with McGee’s studio Spicy Horse.
Alice Madness Returns Game Review: The game Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel of the game American McGee’s Alice. The heroine of the game American McGee’s Alice has not escaped from the demons and others in the game. Now is the time for her to come back to action in the new release Alice: Madness Returns.

The best part of the game is that the game features creative and creepy visual which are a twisted and surreal vibe and this one draws the attention of the gamer with its fire-breathing doll babies and squirming leeches. The noteworthy thing about the review of Alice: Madness Returns is that the same kind of creativity is not found in the Alice: Madness Returns.

The Alice: Madness Returns does fail to provide more challenges than the prequel American McGee’s Alice and this obviously leads to tedium. The joy of Alice Madness Returns is that the leaping and floating through an eerie oversized dollhouse and a Japanese-inspired dreamland.

Each chapter of the game Alice Madness Returns takes place and explores a different visual theme which are more creative and very artistic and to mention few of them, rusted platforms float against a cloudy yellow backdrop, next to clock towers from which giant forks and teapots dangle. The heroine of the game Alice Madness Returns, Alice changes from chapter to chapter which is again a good thing for visuals.

The controls of the game Alice Madness Returns is great as the controls are very effortless and you can string multiple jumps together and float gently downward. When you are wake and perform the midair leaps, flower petals blossom, Alice looks graceful in the game. Reaching the destination of the game is an easily predictable one in the Alice Madness Returns which makes the game a bit boring than the other games which makes the game more interactive with the tension of suspense.

Levels have no sense of impulse: were it not for the unique state of affairs, you could replace one sequence with any other and not even notice, and navigation is barely more challenging in the next-to-last chapter than it is in the first.

To be vivid about the review of the game Alice Madness Returns, the Alice Madness Returns is a pure fun to play but an ordinary one which takes place in the extraordinary setting.

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